The Ian Fays’ World

The Ian Fays are composed of Lizzie and Sara Fay (two dark haired twins), their older sister Lena (also dark-haired) and, the newest addition, their brother-in- law, Samuele (curly dark-hair).

The girls grew up among instruments of every kind, including half-broken keyboards, drum machines, guitars, garage sale basses, and dainty percussion instruments. Their father helped them learn how to play by teaching them Classic Rock covers, in the spirit of CCR and Tom Petty. As the girls grew older, they fused these instruments with their own style of whispery, twinly lyrics, which created their “Fay sound”.

The band began playing live in 2003 in Arcata, Ca, a town very dear to their hearts. They moved to San Francisco in 2007 and continued to record and tour.

The Fay’s released their debut album, “The Damon Lessons” in 2005 by the unforgettable label Homesleep out of Bologna, Italy. This album spawned an Italian and a European tour, allowing The Fays to play with bands such as The Babyshambles and CSS.

In 2008, the band released “Dylan’s Lost Days”, recorded by the amazing engineer Eli Crews at New, Improved Studios in Oakland, CA (same engineer that recorded Deerhoof, Why?, and Kyp Malone). Tracks from this album were featured on a number of popular TV shows, including “The Real World” and “Bad Girls Club”. This album was followed by a European tour and three U.S. tours, giving the Fays opportunities to play with bands such as Casiotone for the Painfully Alone and Say Hi.

In 2010, the label We Were Never Being Boring released the band’s third full-length album “Jensen’s Camera”. It was recorded in Ghedi-Brescia Italy at “Us Random Calculator Studio” by the very talented Alessandro Paderno of Le Man Avec Les Lunettes. This album was followed by another European tour and gave the Fays chances to play with other bands they admire, such as Crooked Fingers.

In June 2013, the Fays began recording their fourth full-length album entitled “The Most Spectacular Party” at Jackpot! recording studio in Portland, Oregon. At Jackpot! the band formed a kindred-spirit bond with their recording engineer, Kendra Lynn (engineer of artists such as Eddie Vedder, She & Him, Spoon, and The Breeders). Kendra helped the Fays capture a sound they had been striving for, layered with instruments they had only dabbled with before: slide guitar, low end organ creations, drums, sitar, and trumpet. These instruments, combined with lyrics collected over the past few years, fused to create a new sound the band is very excited about.

“The Most Spectacular Party” is out now on We Were Never Being Boring. The release will be followed by an Italian tour in late December and a U.S. tour in Spring 2014.